The Exponential Healthcare Conference

October 10, 2018 // Newport Beach, CA

Everything that CFOs & HR executives need to know about how AI, Blockchain, & Genetics will affect their company healthcare spend.


About The Conference

It seems that nearly every day we see new headlines about Artificial Intelligence changing the world. But the question looms... "How will this affect me?" As a CFO or HR executive, you are in a unique position to influence one of your organization's largest expenses — company healthcare spend. You'll leave the conference with actionable knowledge on how to create a competitive advantage for your business and an abundant future for yourself.

When: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 // 8:30 - 1:30
Where: The Pacific Club, Newport Beach, CA

Our Speakers

Chris Krusiewicz's Headshot

Chris Krusiewicz

Chris Krusiewicz is Vice President at Burnham Benefits. He works with CFOs & HR executives, using a unique, KPI-driven approach to managing company healthcare spend to create better financial results.

Jason Bibelheimer's Headshot

Jason Bibelheimer

Jason Bibelheimer is the CHRO at Green Dot Corporation. He has over 20 years of high level Human Capital Management experience and is known for creating data driven HR strategies to achieve multi-million dollar ROI for the company.

Dr. Brandon Colby's Headshot

Dr. Brandon Colby

Brandon Colby MD is an expert in the fields of Medical Genetics and Precision Medicine. He specializes in developing genomic technologies that enable the personalization of products and services. He is also the founder of

David Koepsell's Headshot

David Koepsell

David is an entrepreneur, author, philosopher, attorney (retired), and educator whose recent research focuses on the nexus of science, technology, ethics, and public policy. He is also the founder of Encrpygen.

Drew Clausen's Headshot

Drew Clausen

Drew Clausen PhD is the lead data scientist at Kaiser Permanente's Health Innovation department. He leads a team that develops clinical predictive tools and AI by applying cutting edge machine learning techniques to complex healthcare data.

Adam Kovalevsky's Headshot

Adam Kovalevsky

Adam brings over 20 years of excellence in building enterprise-grade products that drive utilization and sales growth to the Collective Health team. Adam was previously the EVP of Product, Engineering, and Operations at SuccessFactors, where he grew the team from 200 people to over 1,900.


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